It is said Polsters ignore the smaller political parties in polling because “they’re too small to track” and are “background noise” that confuses the masses. After the 2016 Election cycle I went to politico, particularly this page;


It Shows still, the effect of not looking at the “Background Noise” thats considered to be all third parties.
Remember, Trump was supposed to lose because Hilary had a 5% lead in all the polls. Reality, the 5% wasn’t a real number because most times 3rd party candidates weren’t being included during the 2016 election cycle, if they were then Clintons loss would make sense. Remember in 2016 both Major parties nominated the to worst possible candidates, so toxic that when push came to shove at the polling booths all across America, a lot of people, I estimate 7.3% nationwide said I can’t or won’t do it, and I’ll give a protest vote for a 3rd party instead having my vote owned by the Major parties I’ll vote my conscience.

Result, We Have a Trump White House for at least until 2020.

The Direct affect on this website is to be as inclusive as possible with all candidates from all parties in any covered election to fill in the gaps that many polsters leave out, because they don’t like to include the NOISE.